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Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Original Miami Antique Show.

Below you will find some facts regarding the upcoming show at the Miami Fair Expo Center, which will correct inaccurate information being discussed in the marketplace. As we move closer to the show, we will continue to update information here.

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Miami Fair Expo Center 

Was the Miami Fair Expo Center the only venue considered for the show during the two-year renovation at the Miami Beach Convention Center?

No, we researched four potential sites in the Miami-Dade County area as well as the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. Selection criteria included:

  • South Florida location critical to success of show
  • Amount of available exhibit space
  • Availability of January-February dates
  • Ease of move-in/move-out
  • Accessibility to venue from major highways in south Florida
  • Sufficient parking for exhibitors, exhibitors’ trucks and buyers – this has become extremely important in recent years
  • Safety / Crime associated with the area

Several of the locations were immediately eliminated from consideration due to failure to meet one the most important criterion (for instance, Fort Lauderdale did not have available dates for an event our size until April and the Miami Airport Convention Center does not offer enough loading docks or parking).

The Miami Fair Expo Center definitively offered the most benefits of the venues considered.

How long is the drive to the Miami Fair Expo Center from Miami Beach?

While we cannot account for potential rush hour traffic or road construction, the expectation for drive time is approximately 30 minutes (based upon our own experience as well as Google Maps). The show’s hours, 11 am-7pm, should allow participants to avoid the heaviest morning and afternoon commutes.

Is the neighborhood around the Miami Fair Expo Center Safe?

Yes. The fairground draws 653,000 attendees for its annual youth fair and is sponsored by Coca-Cola and Ford Motor Company, international companies that would not attach their brands to an event in an area that could be potentially unsafe for children. In our meetings with the Miami Fair Expo Center staff as well as community leaders, we have found no statistics that suggest crime levels are above that of Miami Beach. Plus, Coral Gables, a community of high net worth individuals, is just 10 minutes away from the Miami Fair Expo Center.

Is the show going to be in one hall or four separate building and one open-air tent?

Three of the halls at the Miami Fair Expo Center are contiguous, under one roof. Fuchs Hall is attached to Reilly Hall via a 30-foot covered walkway. The Pavilion will be a temporary, enclosed structure, with air conditioning, flooring and full power.

Dealers were told about the Miami Beach Convention Center renovation plans in 2014 – why did it take so long to make the selection of the Miami Fair Expo Center for the 2017 show?

Any move away from the Miami Beach Convention Center, where the show has staged for 56 years, affects everyone’s livelihoods and we appreciate dealers need as much time and information as you can get to make informed decisions. Please know, the research into a new venue was carefully and thoughtfully processed, and we did not want to make an error in this critical selection regarding the largest, most important event in our portfolio.

Is this a permanent move or will the fair return to the Convention Center when renovations are complete? How long will the show be located at the Miami Fair Expo Center?
We are in discussion with the City of Miami Beach about possible dates at the MBCC after renovations are completed in mid-2018.

What is the track record of attendance at the Miami Fair Expo Center and how do we know our attendees will come to the show?

The Miami Fair Expo Center is immediately familiar to residents of southeast Florida, drawing more than 600,000 attendees to hosted consumer events every year. And while the show’s tenure at the Miami Beach Convention Center is an important part of our history, the show’s dealers and rich product mix are the attraction for the buyers. We are confident that current buyers, and many new, will attend the event in its new location.

How long is the Miami Beach Convention Center renovation expected to take?

Clark Construction Group, the company contracted to renovate the convention center, has an exemplary record of completing projects according to schedule and has committed to a completion in mid-2018.


What hotels are near the Miami Fair Expo Center?

There are 10 hotels located in Coral Gables, including the Biltmore Hotel, and two hotels in walking distance to of the Miami Fair Expo Center. There are many more hotels located 10 miles away at the Miami Airport area. For interested dealers, the Miami Fair Expo Center also offers onsite RV parking for $35 per day.

Booth Sales

Will every dealer at the 2016 show be able to exhibit at the 2017 show?

No. With the current floor plans we have, we are unable to accommodate approximately 200 dealers. We are working with the facility and the Miami-Dade County fire marshal to identify additional exhibit space though.

Why did the cost to exhibit in the show increase over 2016 rates even though there’s one less day and the Miami Fair Expo Center is a “cheaper” venue?

The show is one less day due to pre-existing, contracted events at the Miami Fair Expo Center. Despite this reduction in show days, however, increased expenses to construct the temporary hall and the marketing campaign to promote the relocation of our internationally renowned show required the increase. This show is not a “flea market” as had been staged at the Miami Fair Expo Center previously and cannot be priced or marketed as such.

Storage & Parking

Will be there storage for my empty boxes?

The 80-acre Miami Fair Expo Center will have an area dedicated for dealers to park their trucks or trailers, with empties, at no charge.

Does the Miami Fair Expo Center have adequate onsite parking for the show?

Yes! The Miami Fair Expo Center offers 4,500 free, onsite parking spaces plus an additional 325 free, handicapped parking spaces for the general public.
200 valet parking spaces will be available adjacent to the Fuchs Hall show entrance.
An additional 500 free parking spaces are available for dealer parking.

Will there be overnight parking for my truck?

May I keep overflow merchandise that does not fit in my booth on my truck?
Yes, the 80-acre facility has sufficient area to provide free, secured parking for dealers’ trucks.


How will the show’s new location be promoted to the public?

2017 marketing is already in full swing with signs at the 2016 show, advertising in the show directory and opportunities for buyers to register their email addresses to receive updates on the show throughout the year. The 2017 show will also be advertised in all 2016 U.S. Antique Shows show directories.

As the show gets closer, expect to see advertising in the antique and jewelry trade publications, in south Florida publications such as the Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post, Naples Daily News, regional television ads, as well as local radio spots.

In January 2017 we will again sponsor Art Deco Weekend, an arts festival with approximately 100,000 attendees over the three-day period. This expanded sponsorship will be just weeks prior to our show dates and is a fabulous opportunity to remind residents of Miami Beach that the show has moved.

Email invitations and 50 comp passes to the show will also be available for all dealers and the marketing campaign will be supported through targeted email campaigns and all social media.

Do you expect buyers will drive the distance from Miami Beach?

As the shows in Round Top and Brimfield have proven, antiques enthusiasts will drive hours, if necessary, to find merchandise. Fortunately, the Miami Fair Expo Center is just about a 30-minute drive from Miami Beach (which is comparable to the amount to time buyers waste currently looking for parking near the MBCC).


What will the security be at the Miami Fair Expo Center?
The show will provide the same level of security that we have had at MBCC.

Wheelchairs and Scooters

Where can I rent wheelchairs and scooters?
Wheelchairs and scooters can be rented through Scootaround, the nation’s leading mobility enhancement company providing scooter and wheelchair rentals in over 1500 locations throughout North America.

Click here for rental information.


Is there ample dock space and how easy is move in?
Each of the exhibit halls is on ground level, and has multiple roll-up doors and adjacent parking access to make move-in extraordinarily easy. Because the Miami Fair Expo Center is on ground level, there are no elevated loading docks – so trucks without a lift gate must be unloaded via a ramp.

Will I order show items from the same vendors (Atlantic, Rolland, Expo)?

Food Service

What kind of food is available?
The Miami Fair Expo Center features a permanent restaurant as well as concession outlets, which offer a wide variety of cuisine.

Other shows

Is your company producing the show at the Miami Airport Convention Center the weekend before the Original Miami Antique Show?
No. Emerald Expositions elected not to produce the Miami National Antiques Show, beginning in 2016, as dealers continued to cite the poor sales and decreasing buyer attendance at that venue as a barrier to participation.

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