2017 Dealer Testimonials

As we prepare to host our show at the Miami Expo Center @ The Fairgrounds, we are very excited about the new opportunities before us to make the Original Miami Antique Show even better than before. It’s going to be a spectacular event!

But don’t just take our word for it. Read on for a glimpse at our dealers’ expectations for the 2017 Show!

Jeff Myers, Jeff Myers Antiques


2016 has been an interesting year in the antique world. Many long-held shows have been bought, sold, cancelled and bought again, leaving many of us without a show for months at a time. Shows within miles of each other being planned on the same weekend. What’s up with all this? You don’t have to look far to see it’s greed. Our resources are being spread thin. This has caused a hardship for a lot of dealers.

The shows that have taken their place are cost prohibitive and not ones I can afford. A booth rent of $10,000-20,000 – in the same venue and the same weekend where past promoters were charging $1,000-2,000. What is up with that?

Many promoters are not thinking of the long-term dealers but are focusing on the top 10%. We are in many ways being forced out of business. We must not let this happen! We must make plans for our future and the future of our business.

But let’s look forward to 2017. We have more changes coming good and bad. For this purpose let’s try to concentrate on the good.

As most of you know, The Original Miami Beach Antique Show is being temporarily moved to the Miami Dade Fair and Expo Center. This is for the long-overdue construction and revamp of the Miami Beach Convention center. We are expected to return to Miami Beach at the conclusion of construction in 2019.

After doing this show for the past 30 years, I was reluctant to participate in 2017 for many reasons but primarily it was the location change. Like so many others I do not like change. But after much reflection and consideration I have come to a different conclusion.

As with most shows and promoters, they have a job to do. Simply put all the planning, advertising, security and logistics of planning a show this size is not an easy task. They are there to ultimately support us. Because without us there is no show.

However, this is a two way street. We also have a job to do. It’s up to each and everyone of us to get the word out now! I have started to contact long time clients about the show and the exciting new possibilities that exist. Now is the time to send out emails, cards and generally letting friends and customers know that Miami 2017 will be the place to be if you love antiques.

I have also been putting things aside all year for special customers and dealers alike. Fresh merchandise so to speak.

Like all shows, in the end, I’m responsible for having a good show. The Original Miami Antique Show promoters must and will do their part. And I will do mine. It looks like they’re doing a tremendous job with planning and taking our concerns to heart.

No change is ever easy; we all have reservations and trepidation about the new location and about our business in general. But as I see the show progressing and coming together, I am truly excited to say let the show begin!!

Jeff Myers, Jeff Myers Antiques

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