January 9-13, 2025 • Miami Beach Convention Center


January 9-13, 2025 • Miami Beach Convention Center

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"When I first started attending the Original Miami Beach Antique Show, I would come for one day. Fast forward to now, I spend 5 days there and it still doesn’t feel like enough time! I love how walking this show is equal parts eye candy and history lesson; every person is so generous with the knowledge they have about the work they carry. And coming from New York City, it’s not the worst thing to spend a week in Miami in January! "


"The show is excellent. It’s my first time and I was surprised by the breadth of offering. I came expecting to see jewelry but I didn’t expect the furniture, the art, or the clothing and purses. It’s fascinating."



"We love going to OMBAS every year! We mostly go for the antique furniture and home decor. There are always so many great finds that it’s hard not to go crazy! Last year, we bought some beautiful pink Murano sconces that we just hung in the new studio; they’re perfect!"



"The Original Miami Beach Antique Show is a great show to see, learn and purchase amazing one-of-a-kind pieces. I highly recommend attending this annual show."



"If I could fall asleep anywhere, it would be here, this show is so amazing and I love being surrounded by all of the amazing art and jewelry and home décor; I never want to leave! "



"OMBAS is one of the most important shows in our industry, a must for anyone that is serious in buying or selling antique and estate jewelry, art or antiques."



If These Pieces Could Talk: Triumphs of Tiaras and Headpieces

While seemingly antithetical to the current, “Quiet Luxury” trend of today, tiaras and other headwear are making a decided comeback. At the recent Cannes film festival, as reported by Marion Fasel of The Adventurine, Chanel ambassador Margaret Qualley stunned in a star headband from the brand’s High Jewelry collection, and model Isabeli Fontana wore a stunning brooch by contemporary designer, Elsa Jin, as a hair piece. Earlier this year, at the 2024 Met Gala, celebrities from all walks of life rocked headpieces, from subtle flashes of sparkle to over-the-top-ornate.

Fusing Past with Present

Retailers who are interested in carrying antique, vintage and estate jewelry are often faced with a few obstacles. Exceptional retailers want to have a comprehensive understanding of the product they carry, they want to make sure the pricing is beneficial both to their stores and their customers, and they need to ensure that they have the right client for the pieces they carry.

A Brief History of the Permanence of Fine Jewelry

Prices of gold, platinum and silver are public knowledge, with the current price per ounce of the metals (at press time) $2,343.70, $930.90 and $27.57, respectively. It’s also easy enough to find out the going rate for diamonds and, with a little more digging, fair market prices for colored gemstones and pearls. Yet those numbers only paint part of the picture, as anyone in the trade can attest.

The U.S. Antique Show Team Wish List

One of the key perks of working on the U.S. Antique Show team is that we get to be surrounded by beautiful things. While ogling our dealer’s cases and stands is just a fraction of what we do all year, everyone on the team feels rewarded when we finally get on show site and we get to wander the aisles of our shows and see items sourced from across the globe. Though there are, admittedly, varying levels of knowledge among the team, as you can see from this Holiday Wish List we’ve compiled, there is no shortage of taste and style!

A Brief History of KAWS

One of the most exciting things about the Original Miami Beach Antique Show (OMBAS) is knowing we’re going to learn about a lot of cool, new (to us) stuff! Whether it’s the provenance of a conch pearl, the story behind an important piece of jewelry, the history behind a vampire slaying kit or an introduction to a graffiti artist turned modern-day contemporary art celebrity, you never know what you’re going to discover. And as exciting as it is to see a sketch from Picasso, learning about artists that are working today whose work is already fetching huge prices at auction, can be incredibly thrilling.

Trending Now: Jewelry to Wear Now and Cherish for Generations

Each month, we try to highlight a different genre or era of jewelry that can be discovered at our events. We often focus on museum-worthy pieces like the Van Cleef & Arpels “Zip” necklace, or some of the incredible, bespoke commissions of Mexican film star and jewelry aficionado, María Félix; it’s a thrill digging into the history and provenance of important jewelry!

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