January 9-13, 2025 • Miami Beach Convention Center


January 9-13, 2025 • Miami Beach Convention Center


Exhibitors FAQ

How do I sign into the exhibitor console?

You will need to create your own account and password. When logging in for the first time, click Forgot Password, enter your email, and create a password through the link sent to your email. For more onboarding instructions and tips, click here.

When can I start setting up my booth?

Exhibitor move in for ANTIQUE dealers is Tuesday, January 7 from 6am – 7pm. Move in for ANTIQUE and JEWELRY exhibitors is Wednesday, January 8 from 7am – 7pm and Thursday, January 9 from 7am – 11am.

Can I come early on show dates to set up my booth?

Yes, exhibitors will be permitted access to the show floor 2 hours prior to show open. Please remember to bring your photo ID as badges will be checked during exhibitor access hours prior to the show.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, all exhibitors are required to have their own insurance. The Original Miami Beach Antique Show does not provide any type of insurance coverage for the property and/or personnel of exhibiting companies. Exhibitors must maintain insurance and show proof that meets the requirements outlined in the insurance section of the service manual.

Can I store my empty boxes in or around my booth?

No, the storage of empty boxes, crates or cartons is not permitted on the show floor. In addition, equipment, packing materials and wooden pallets are not allowed to be stored behind your booth. Space behind booths should remain free as they are utility aisles. Fire Marshal will request exhibitor(s) to remove any items stored behind booths. There will be a designated area on show site to keep empty crates, cartons and boxes. Please be certain to mark each with your company name and booth number.

Can I leave merchandise in my booth overnight?

Exhibitors are not permitted to leave any jewelry in showcases overnight, whether or not the cases are locked, unless private guard service has been secured for the booth. Exhibitors who require private guards must employ the official security contractor.

Will there be security on-site?

The Original Miami Beach Antique Show, Show Management makes every effort to provide protection for exhibitors’ merchandise and displays. Show management will provide perimeter guard service on a 24-hour basis, starting with move-in until move-out. If private guard service is needed, exhibitors must employ the official security contractor. Additionally, the Miami Beach Police Department will have a presence during the show, including overnight K-9 units.

Will WiFi be available at the show?

Internet services are not included with your booth package. If you require these services for your booth, please place your order with SmartCity online or call (888) 446-6911.

Can I ship items prior to move-in?

Yes, both advance shipments and direct shipments can be made. See Advanced Warehouse shipping labels here.  The Advanced Warehouse can begin accepting shipments beginning on December 5, 2023. The Warehouse shipment deadline is January 2, 2024. Direct shipments to the Miami Beach Convention Center may arrive beginning on January 9, 2024. See Direct shipping labels here.

How do I order items for my booth?

To order items for your booth (i.e: showcases, lights, safes, etc.) please visit the Exhibitor Resource Center of the website to access the show order forms.

I received an email/phone call about my hotel or attendee lists. Is this legitimate?

Please be aware of solicitations for hotels, advertising and purchasing attendee lists. All legitimate affiliations will be displayed through your exhibitor console or our website. Please contact show management directly if you have any questions.